After the age of 60, if the wife leaves, children betray, what should I do?The two old men spoke

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01 people, the older they are, the more afraid they are of problems.One writer wrote, WHEN I was young, I thought I could carry everything.Who knows, after all, one’s ability is a little bit worse, especially in one’s old age.”Generally speaking, when people are old, they are most afraid of unfilial children, lack of money in their pockets, and health problems.The Chinese have a tradition of “raising children for old age”.If even children do not take care of their parents, believing that parents can only be more sad and chilling.Filial piety, that is a tradition, but also a responsibility for children.However, who can guarantee their filial piety for a lifetime?There are no guarantees.Some people can be filial three years, some people can be filial ten years, and the vast majority of people, it is difficult to do filial ten or twenty years, especially in the old man bedridden at that moment.Therefore, it is quite common for old people to be “abandoned”.You know, some people have to go out to work and can’t take care of their parents at home.And some people don’t have the heart and money to take care of their parents.This is the reality that ordinary people cannot change.When a man reaches 60, what if he is abandoned by his children and his wife leaves?The two old men spoke.Uncle Liu: In old age, no one can be trusted, only money is the absolute truth.Uncle Liu at the entrance of the village has been holding the ownership of the two houses in his own hands, without the slightest intention of dividing the house between his two sons.In response, one of his relatives asked uncle Liu, “Old Liu, why can’t you let go?Wouldn’t it be a pleasure for both families to give their house and possessions to their children?”After listening to his relatives, uncle Liu only said this: “When you grow old, you cannot afford to be betrayed by your children. Only by preparing for the worst can you cope with the worst future.”The reason why Uncle Liu will have such an idea, is because a workmate of Uncle Liu, also encountered a similar problem.However, the workman made a mistake and left his house and assets to his children. Now he has nothing to lose.In fact, all the problems are very realistic.You give your house to your children, and if the children don’t show filial piety to you, what will you do?On the other hand, the children are not filial to you, but you have the house in your hand, so you have something to rely on?If people are ultimately unreliable, that material is our next best choice.Just think, if you can choose, who will doubt affection and focus on the material?Uncle Liu’s approach, looks like a bit of thin feeling, but in fact, it is a kind of self-protection.In this pale world, no one will pity you but yourself.Uncle Zhang: In one’s old age, one should keep healthy.My colleague’s father, Uncle Zhang, is 65 years old this year. He is in good health and does not need other people to take care of him. Besides, he often exercises and often invites people to climb mountains.Mr. Zhang always said that whatever my father did, he put his health first.In his opinion, good health, oneself can be good, children can be better.In real life, there is a saying that “there is no filial son in a long hospital bed, and no good wife in a poor home”.A man, if he is ill, believes that his children will also develop a dislike to their parents during a long period of care.At the same time, if the old man drains the family’s money for medical treatment, it is believed that the family will further decline, or even his wife will leave him.As the saying goes, “After many things in the world, we know that peace is worth a thousand dollars.”Health is not only for oneself, but also for children and families.It can be said that having healthy elderly people in your home is happier than having hundreds of thousands of people in your home.On the contrary, there is a sick old man in the home, that will eventually involve three generations.Uncle Zhang’s approach is particularly wise.Because he looked into the nature of human nature, also looked into the root of life.Wealth and health, that is true happiness.Without money and health, life is meaningless.In your old age, make these four preparations.Lesson one: Keep your money in your hands.Or that sentence, rich and wine true brothers, adversity ever see a person.Money in hand, natural life.Without money in hand, even one’s own son is useless.Just think, without money, even if you are the elders of the family, but who will respect you?Everything is very realistic.Preparation two: take good care of your body.Take good care of yourself at all times. That’s king.Good health is the capital of a happy life.Without good health, it is of no use to give you millions of dollars.Moreover, some old people once sick, but also empty the family money, directly drag the family down, that is the greatest misfortune.Preparation 3: Have a positive attitude.A person, he has what kind of mentality, will have what kind of future.Although said to live need money, but also need a state of mind.Good attitude, a good life.A bad attitude makes a bad life.The so-called “if the heart is sunny, it is meaningless to grieve” is this truth.Preparation 4: Accept reality and see through human nature.Life, or a realistic point better, never use their own heart to test the human nature.Such things as human nature, although human nature is originally good, but in fact, after all, human nature is evil.You never know when a man will go bad.So, be prepared for the worst, don’t always rely on others, that is the great wisdom of “be prepared for a rainy day”.There are deer in Shu Mountain