What kind of vegetables are suitable for autumnal equinox?What are the requirements for growing vegetables on the autumn equinox?

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There are 5 kinds of vegetables suitable for autumnal equinox planting: 1. Onions like cool weather and have moderate cold resistance.Garlic is suitable for planting at the autumnal equinox. It likes cold and warm plants.3. Cherry radish has a short growth cycle and is cold resistant.4. Chive has very good cold resistance and fast growth rate.5. Lettuce has good cold and drought resistance and is suitable for autumn equinox planting.Onions can be grown in autumn in most parts of the country except in the high and cold regions, and their growing conditions are not demanding.Garlic is a must-have ingredient in every household and can be grown in the right season to produce full-bodied garlic, such as the autumnal equinox.Cherry radish grows fast and is suitable for autumn planting. It can be harvested and picked in about 50 days, and can be listed after simple cleaning.The best time to plant chives is at the beginning of the autumn equinox, when they grow quickly and do not need too much water or fertilizer.Lettuce is a root vegetable with very large, favorite roots and grows in shady areas.What are the requirements for growing vegetables on the autumn equinox?First of all, the planting temperature should be appropriate, generally around 15℃, cool growing environment will not let the leaves of vegetables injury.Secondly, provide the right amount of warm water, because these vegetables are afraid of cold, in the more special cold weather, need to use warm water to irrigate the soil root, to prevent freezing to death.Finally, appropriate fertilization can be, and provide strong light, which can enhance the plant photosynthesis, increase the content of organic matter in the body, weaken its transpiration, reduce the loss of water in the body, make the plant more plump and juicy.