Eleven new soybean varieties from Sichuan have entered the public domain, and the first “Sichuan made” fresh soybean variety is expected to emerge

2022-04-25 0 By

Green edamame is a delicious summer dish, but you know what?Most of the edamame beans we eat are northern varieties.However, the good news is that Sichuan will soon have its first fresh soybean varieties with independent intellectual property rights.The official website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced the names of the first batch of major crop varieties approved in Sichuan province in 2022, with a total of 11 new soybean varieties and 1 new cotton variety shortlisted.Among them, gongxian Dou 4, which was bred by Zigong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, is the first fresh food soybean variety independently bred in Sichuan.Fresh soybean is also commonly known as “edamame”, which is the appearance of soybean when it is young. At present, more than 70% of fresh soybean varieties in China come from Tieling and other places in Liaoning Province.”In the past, Sichuan was also breeding fresh soybean varieties, but mainly in cooperation with agricultural research institutions in Liaoning and other places. Gongxian Dou 4 can be counted as the first fresh soybean variety in Sichuan to be completely independently bred.”According to Yang Huawei, a soybean breeder at zigong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, fresh soybeans have bigger seeds and a better taste than other varieties. “They taste sweet and soft.”In recent years, the soybean varieties in Sichuan are mainly “Nandou series” selected by Nanchong Academy of Agricultural Sciences and “Gongdou series” selected by Zigong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, which are characterized by good shade-tolerance and high protein content.However, high protein content of soybean, more brittle hard, not suitable for fresh food.In addition to fresh soybeans, the soybean varieties that are about to be approved also have a new breakthrough in oil yield.”Chuandou 155 is expected to become the first variety with high oil yield in Sichuan.”Mou Fangsheng, a researcher at the Institute of Economic Development of Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said the variety was co-bred by the institute, Weikui Soybean Research Institute of Tialing city and Kaiyuan Yuannong Seed Industry Co., LTD., with an oil yield of 22.1% and a protein content of 41.5%.The protein content of soybean varieties in Sichuan is high, but the oil yield is low compared with that in the north, which is about 16%-20%.In recent years, more than 80 percent of China’s soybean imports, the main demand is to extract oil and as soybean meal feed.”This variety can be used for both pressing oil and fresh food, which can well meet the domestic demand for soybean oil production.”Mou Fangsheng said.In addition, the soon-to-be-approved varieties also maintain the outstanding advantages of Sichuan soybeans – high protein, good shade tolerance.”For example, ‘Gongxia Dou 18’ is 48 percent protein.It is suitable for intercropping, which can meet the needs of corn and soybean strip compound planting mode and interplanting soybean in young orchards.”Mr. Yang said.