The year of the Tiger is approaching, and reporters are exploring the Siberian tiger

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The Year of the Tiger will begin in a few days.When it comes to tigers, do the words that come to mind spring to life, or do they spring to life and gobble?In the year of the Tiger, the most common place for citizens to visit is the zoo.Siberian tigers.At qianlingshan Park Zoo in Guiyang, there are currently seven tigers, one male Bengal white tiger, and the remaining six, four males and two females, are Siberian tigers.On the morning of January 25, guizhou Metropolis Daily reporter came to the Qianlingshan Park Zoo, and several tigers had a “close contact”, let everyone have a deep understanding of the tigers around.Xiao arrived at the tiger area of the zoo at 8:30 a.m.Before he can open the iron gate and let the tiger out to meet visitors through the fence, he has to conduct security patrols and clean up the environment in three of the tiger’s outdoor areas.Xiao, 33, graduated from Guizhou University with an animal science degree.In 2016, qianlingshan Park Zoo, after the completion of the upgrade, is in urgent need of a number of professional and technical personnel to engage in the zoo feeding and management work.After layers of selection, he became one of them.Over the years, he also became one of the zoo’s best tiger-lovers.A Siberian tiger at rest.”Of the seven tigers, the brightest stars are their three brothers!”Across the thick tempered glass, Xiao Xiao pointed to the outdoor activity area pacing back and forth of three adult Siberian tigers told reporters.Speaking of the parents of these three adult Siberian tigers, guiyang citizens are not unfamiliar with them.In 2009, the park Zoo introduced two Siberian tigers, one male and one female, to the tiger house near the back hill.In 2010, the two Siberian tigers gave birth to triplets, now known as Xiao Da, Xiao Er and Xiao SAN, who are among the most active.In fact, the animal world also stresses that the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, born alert and intelligent “xiao Er” naturally became the leader of the three brothers.Every morning, after more than an hour of outdoor activities, the seven tigers in the tiger area are ready for lunch at around 10:40!To avoid fighting over food, keepers have separated the tigers from each other so that each tiger has its own space.The leader, xiao Er, is usually the last to enter the feeding area and takes the responsibility of guarding the perimeter.Bengal white tiger.The tigers’ diet consists mainly of chicken, beef and pork, chopped into chunks, with nutrients added to supplement micronutrients.According to feeding environment and animal constitution, the daily meat consumption of each adult Amur tiger was 6-7kg, and it was fed twice in the afternoon and in the morning.”A plate of meat weighing about 3.5 kilograms will be eaten in three minutes!Watch a tiger eat, and you’ll really know what it is to gorge!”Xiao Xiao told reporters.There have been sightseers who suspected that Siberian tigers were hungry for food because they were slim, but this is not the case.The health of a tiger is not measured by fat or thin, but by body shape, muscle line, mental state and behavioral activity.Once overfed, tigers become too fat, which is not good for their health.Be alert at all times.After lunch, the tigers would return to their outdoor areas, or jump up and down, pacing and exercising their muscles.Or drink a mouthful of water, wash mouth;Or before volt catnap, raise raise spirit.At the first sign of trouble, they quickly revert to the kinglike demeanor of the top predator, which is chilling.They don’t return to their indoor areas until 16:20, when dinner time arrives.During the interview, the reporter saw from time to time tourists with children came to the tiger area to take photos.”In the year of tiger, I hope my son will grow into a tiger and grow into a tiger.””Said one father.The Siberian tiger (Panthera Tigris Ssp. altaica) is a subspecies of the Siberian tiger. It is the largest carnivorous cat in existence, with an average weight of 250 kg and a head length of about 2.3 meters.Life span is 15 to 17 years in the wild, up to 20 years, and 20 to 25 years in captivity.Tourists take photos in the tiger area.The body color of the wild Siberian tiger is brownish yellow in summer and pale yellow in winter.The back and side of the body have a number of horizontal black narrow stripes, usually 2 near the willow leaf.The head is big and round, and several black horizontal lines on the forehead are often colluded in the middle, very similar to the word “King”, so it has the good name of “King of the jungle”.Amur tigers are found in northeast Asia, namely Siberia of Russia, North Korea and northeast China.Due to habitat destruction and poaching, as of early 2015 there were only 500 Siberian tigers left in the wild.”Living with tigers for six years has given me a new respect for nature and life.I sincerely hope that each species can survive on the earth for a longer time, and that humans and nature, humans and animals can live in harmony!”XiaoXiao said.Guizhou Daily Sky Eye news reporter Ren Yong intern Li Ya editor Shen Ling Editor Zhao Hongbin Luo Wei article recommended heartbreaking!Female passengers were screened door clamp after the unfortunate death, Shanghai metro responded to the resignation report to write more than 3 words, lost the company 29,000 yuan……Guizhou Metropolis Daily?