Suzhou: have stopped requisition student dormitory and apologize!Lack of communication may be the problem

2022-04-24 0 By

On the evening of Feb 15, some Internet users posted that students’ dormitories at Xi ‘an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in Suzhou were forcibly taken over and packed up their belongings without informing students.After seeing the public opinion, local authorities immediately stopped the requisition and apologized to the students.The news has led to confusion and reflection.Now it is the winter vacation period, students have gone home, dormitory is empty, Suzhou in the face of surging epidemic, to requisition dormitory to deal with the emergency public crisis situation, it seems that there is nothing wrong.Why do students react strongly?Students are afraid that their personal belongings will be lost. Who can guarantee that some belongings will be lost when packing, and who can remember what belongings they left in the dormitory before the vacation?The problem is a lack of careful communication and respect!Some “we media” believe that students lack social responsibility and do not understand the overall situation.As the owner of the dormitory, the school responded to the call of the local authorities and showed its social responsibility, which is beyond reproach.However, details seem to be lacking.Isn’t it a good idea to explain, ask for consent, and refine packing details and responsibilities?In this matter, do not easily to whom to label, in the face of social emergencies, each individual has the obligation to make contributions to serve the whole, this is our fine tradition, but also one of the means we rely on for survival.