Start work!Famous note: Phoenix offered Saric and a first-round pick in exchange for Houston’s Gordon

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Collins made his NBA season debut yesterday against the Rockets, who are in 12th place in the West after three straight losses and last in the west with a win over the Cavaliers.The SAN Antonio Spurs ended a three-game losing streak with a thumping victory over the Houston Rockets.After Harden left, the Rockets went into a complete rebuilding phase, sacrificing last season’s record for the no. 2 pick and drafting the most talented player in Jaylen Green.But over the course of dozens of games, the team has seen little else to focus on than starting him.Jaylen Green is the team’s best effort to acquire, is also the team’s most potential, technical maturity is relatively low, more need to accumulate more opportunities to learn.Disappointingly, there were times when Green had a good first quarter but couldn’t get the ball while he was playing and had to wait in the bottom corner, which is not what a no. 2 player should be.And with Silas’s egalitarian encouragement, almost everyone on the team could play alone.Wood is the first player in scoring and rebounding, but it is really hard to understand Matthews and Brooks. Matthews always throws hard every time, which is not a chance. Anyone can shoot in this way.Wood, Matthews, Tate, Brooks, etc. can’t lead the team to the top, or even to the playoffs.So the rockets need to be clear about the goal of rebuilding, let the real talent of Jaylen Green, Shin Kyung, Garuba, Christopher get significant progress, is the best choice for the team.There is no doubt that the Rockets are still not competitive, and the front office, led by General manager Rafer stone, needs to accumulate various draft picks on the one hand and young players on the other;It’s not a good idea for veteran players like Gordon and Tess to stay in such a rebuilding team and waste their careers.The rest of the league is after them, especially if they’re looking to make the playoffs.According to the Bleacher’s Jake Fischer, sources say the Phoenix SUNS are offering saric, Jaylen Smith and a 2024 first-round draft pick for Houston Rockets veteran David Gordon.The SUNS will also have more depth on the wing after acquiring Eric Gordon, and in that case, they’ll have more competition.To be honest, Eric Gordon is a great fit for this SUNS team and could be a key addition to bring the team closer to a championship.For the rockets, Jay Smith still has a lot of potential for improvement, Silas is a good at discovering new coach, can train a fighting player for the team;The 2024 first-round pick gives you an option on the road to rebuilding, and whether it’s a young player or a trade, it’s a win-win deal.This season, Gordon has averaged 14.3 points, 2 rebounds and 3.1 assists in 29.7 minutes in 44 games for the Rockets, shooting 42 percent from 3-point range.