Rumors almost ruined today’s rally

2022-04-24 0 By

Rumors stop with wise men, but can destroy confidence in the stock market.When our stock market can withstand the test of rumors, then the real mature capital market.Today, there was another rumor, which was the main reason for the afternoon dive, and the rumor protagonist never got up.The two markets rose more than 3,000 today, the CXO sector is the hardest hit.According to the roadside news agency (alley), a broker held a conference call, an expert blew a bad one.The information disclosed did not reveal which brokerage, did not specify what experts, exploded what profitable……This can only be a rumor, almost destroyed the spine, after all, at the time of refueling.3417, the disk appeared back, at this time the disk under the brokerage led counterattack.This will keep the fruits of victory, twists and turns of the rebound described and too much.Participate in the mentality of the stock market, for the bad is rather believe its some mentality.The bigger the fund, the weaker the affordability.Today, the securities sector, the net inflow of 20 billion to pull 2 points.Can only prove that the plate is very light, set plate chose stubborn.There is A news today, that is Reuters (foreign media authority), published that A shares are worth investing in the region.Data show that money is flowing out of emerging markets;Instead, China’s stock market has become a favorite destination for funds, with significant inflows so far in 2022, surpassing outflows from other economies.In December 2021, emerging markets outside China had outflows of $9.6 billion, while China had inflows of $10.1 billion.The main point of the article is that The Chinese stock market is the main place to hedge against inflation as expectations of a Fed rate hike approach.The main reason is that the two sides have very different monetary policies, which provide room for capital prices to rise.Those of you familiar with my article know that this is basically my main forecast for 2022. Is this a reflection of what bears see?We are currently the second largest economy, but definitely the number one consumer.After years of development, China is a country with a large population and a growing consumption capacity.Any product, if can win the domestic market share, want to do not mostly difficult.China’s listed companies are all outstanding domestic enterprises. How could the stock market be bad in this context?That, of course, is fundamental logic.At this point, someone would argue.India is not bad if it has a large population and is comparable?Are you kidding? If you look at the Indian stock market, it’s definitely up by A second right now.Money is like water, it always flows towards the bottom of the price.That is why our ancestors called money springs, and some copper coins in the past were called treasure springs.The Yellow River is our mother river and a famous above-ground river in the world.Why do above-ground rivers form?As a result of repeated diversions, the water is packed with silt, and the Yellow River has even more sediment.So every time you change course, you pile up to a limit, and you absolutely choose to flow to the low-lying areas.This is no different from capital prices, and the price discovery function of the stock market attracts money to flow like water.We have an old saying, foreign monks can chant sutras, this time the Foreign adults sing many sutras.I wonder if domestic institutions are more confident?At present, the biggest contradiction in the stock market is that foreign people feel undervalued A shares, domestic institutions do not agree.Although the words say a little exaggeration, but the fact is very appropriate.You see people north capital, yesterday also followed the panic, but today more greedy to grab back chips.Different is, yesterday’s fall evaporation more than 200 billion, today’s pick up is really with blood chips.In A word, when big A has confidence, that is the real mature capital market.About tomorrow’s market forecast, I have said the point of view after the dish, that is 3417 is the current round of adjustment low.Nearby is the box bottom area, just have technology, policy, market, here is more persuasive.After dish did not say periphery, because you see again accurate, seems to also take not to move A shares.In Europe, the UK is the best of the three indices, the other two are worse.I judge it from a morphological point of view. Is Brexit a grand chess game?Is this a premeditated American coup?Looking purely at financial markets, there is a bit of a conspiracy theory behind it.Don’t you see A comedy star of the president, A few days ago shook the capital market in Eurasia, indirectly put my big A also into A disaster.Anyway, Europe is healing itself, and the Fed has interest rates tonight.The market is betting on a rate rise, but now the debate is over how much.A downbeat forecast, then a slightly more modest announcement, another reason for stocks to rally.Today’s outlying markets will have an impact on our opening tomorrow, so I expect a higher open to the 3460 area.Yeah, it’s four points higher.It then broke 3570 intraday, followed by a retreat to break 3577 again.Continue to shadow Yang, this is my market tomorrow.A lot of people say I’m optimistic, technology and direction, so look at it this way.Today, Shanghai is around a minute 250 are making a fuss, the first time there is no strong past (3463), the afternoon brokerage led that round.After that, it represents short-term strength.5 points of 250 are still some distance, around 3509 area at present, after breaking 3477 tomorrow is the last trading day of the task.