Qilu Agricultural Products hui, good number shandong!See “good taste Shandong” brand of agricultural products in advertising language

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From January 25 to February 12, Dazhong Newspaper Group (Dazhong Daily) launched the “good Shandong” advertising slogan collection campaign has lasted 19 days.During the fight against the epidemic, the generous donation of fresh vegetables by Shandong people to the epidemic area made “Shandong vegetables” known to the whole Chinese people, and the amway of Shandong agricultural products was also included in the advertisements submitted by netizens.Shandong vegetables, the world is known.”The hometown of Confucius and Mencius is known all over the world, and the jiaozhou cabbage is famous for its delicious flavor and five lakes.” Jiaozhou cabbage is a specialty of Jiaozhou City, Qingdao.”Zhangqiu scallion Laiwu ginger, Jinxiang garlic floating around”, Shandong is rich in Onions, ginger and garlic, among which Zhangqiu scallion, Laiwu ginger and Jinxiang garlic are the most famous;Shouguang, known as the “Hometown of Chinese vegetables”, has the largest vegetable production and wholesale market in China, with a large scale and a wide variety of vegetables.Shandong fruit, fruit fat juice sweet.”Yantai apple Laiyang pear, good shandong number one”, Yantai apple and Laiyang pome sweet crisp, renowned at home and abroad, including Yantai apple is to follow shandong girl Wang Yaping “fly” into space;”Haiyang cherry – red fire”, Yantai Haiyang cherry has the characteristics of large fruit, delicious, fresh food, suitable for processing, enjoy the reputation of “the first spring fruit”.Shandong seafood is fat, fresh and delicious.”Three exploration of the Water Margin relics, a product of Ansan fish feast”, Dongping County has liangshan Park relics dongping Lake, Dongping County Da ‘an Shan fish feast is very famous, fish from Dongping Lake, delicious taste, is also the tip of the tongue delicious;”Take a walk along the coast, all kinds of seafood”, Shandong occupies the coastal advantage, binzhou, Dongying, Weifang, Yantai, Weihai, Qingdao, Rizhao seven coastal cities rich in all kinds of seafood.Our solicitation campaign is still in progress.Many “good” blind boxes will be sent randomly, participation is a chance to get!Come and join our contest with your creative amway slogan “Good Shandong”!Individuals, enterprises, universities and social organizations can submit their contributions to the competition from January 25.Content requirements advertising language requirements to highlight the “good Shandong” theme, the expression of simple atmosphere, catchy, can clearly reflect the “good Shandong” brand connotation, easy to promote and promote, no more than 15 words.(1) Scan the code and fill in the application. Scan the QR code below with your mobile phone and fill in the application as prompted.(2) Email, please send your creative slogan, creation definition, contact information to us by email.(1) If the slogan is submitted successfully, you will have the chance to win the blind box of “Good Shandong”.Please leave your contact information when filling out the application, our staff will get in touch with you and send you the blind box.(2) One grand prize of “King of Blind Box”, 10,000 yuan.Volkswagen Daily reporter Tang Xiaoning Liu Ying poster design Tang Haoxin Xu Jiangying planning LAN Chuanbin Li Yan