Can young people with bad hearing wear hearing AIDS?

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In daily life, we often see middle-aged and elderly people wearing hearing AIDS. Because of hearing loss due to age, they have to wear hearing AIDS, but in fact, people wearing hearing AIDS are far more than middle-aged and elderly people, there are also many young people wearing them.Hearing loss is not scary, it is scary that you can’t face it properly.Can young people with bad hearing wear hearing AIDS?Whether you can wear hearing AIDS has nothing to do with age, mainly depends on whether you have a loss of hearing, whether you need to have a relationship with your daily life, as long as you have poor hearing, but there is residual hearing, you can wear hearing AIDS, wearing hearing AIDS can not only protect your residual hearing, but also improve your quality of life.Generally speaking, hearing AIDS should be considered when hearing loss reaches 30-40 decibels.Loss of 40-60 db is the best, loss of 60-90 dB is better, loss of 90-110 dB is not good.In fact, when hearing loss affects daily speech conversation and understanding, can not be improved by drug treatment or surgery, and there is available residual hearing, can be fitted with hearing AIDS.Young people usually use ear canal hearing AIDS because they are small and not easily noticed.In recent years, another invisible hearing aid is the deep ear canal hearing aid, deep ear canal belongs to the custom machine, custom machine all the characteristics of the deep ear canal hearing aid has, in addition to the deep ear canal hearing aid because of the very hidden, basic can not see, also known as the invisible hearing aid.Scientific matching of appropriate hearing AIDS does not lead to hearing loss, but wearing hearing AIDS can help protect residual hearing and improve speech recognition rate.With the development of science and technology, now hearing AIDS have been digitized, intelligent, many hearing AIDS have Bluetooth function, equivalent to assuming the function of bluetooth headphones, so that you can wear hearing AIDS at the same time to answer the phone, brush video, listen to music…In a word, the function is comprehensive, and not so inconvenient as in the traditional cognition.Many foreign hearing loss people have tried to wear hearing AIDS into a fashion, personality, just like the ornaments on the ear, not easily bound by the eyes of others.So it’s important to keep your attitude right.An estimated 1.1 billion young people between the ages of 12 and 35 are at risk of hearing loss due to exposure to noise in recreational environments (such as concerts and sporting events) and the use of personal audio devices, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) website.Nowadays, young people are used to listening to music with headphones for a long time, especially when they take the subway or bus.The noise in these situations is already high, so in order to hear the song clearly, the volume of headphones will be turned up higher, which is very harmful to hearing.In addition to stay up late, pressure and other factors, young people have more and more hearing loss, and even suffer from sudden deafness.