“20220218 received comments” certificate 500 will take the lead to recover niu Xiong line

2022-04-24 0 By

Shanghai and Shenzhen on Friday both slightly lower open, the market low open higher turn red, double innovation is the largest decline;In the afternoon, CSI 500 expanded the rise, leading the whole market to move up, Shanghai and Shenzhen closed up, double income narrow decline.On the weight, real estate infrastructure, coal and steel and other pro-cyclical varieties strong rise, military, petrochemical slightly down, the theme of “east and west” large area trading, semiconductor adjustment, as of the close, the two cities trading 52, down 1;The number of stocks in red disk is obviously in the majority.Noon review said: “The Shanghai index half day transaction than yesterday continued to shrink, the amount can be poor, 20 daily average is still difficult to break through effectively, the operation of attention not chasing up.But the amount is to save energy for the variable plate, it never rains but it has, blockbuster “, afternoon market expanded gains, a little stronger than expected performance.Shanghai refers to the baldheaded zhongyang line closed, standing on the 20 average, the volume is slightly shrinking than yesterday, the level of operation means that the market is at the bottom of the range, but it is still difficult to continue to go high.The short – term average is gradually upward, short – term technical indicators have been fixed, but the mid – and long-term trend is difficult to reverse immediately.Driven by the logic of stabilizing the economy, pro-cyclical varieties such as infrastructure, coal and steel are far stronger than the general trend after the holiday, and the China Securities 500, which has a relatively high proportion of cyclical stocks, naturally performs better, or the index of the first round to recover the Niu Bear line, which is worth paying attention to.Finally, I wish you a happy weekend in advance and spend more time with your family in your spare time. Stocks are not the whole of life. Only when we are happy and healthy in body and mind is the source of wealth accumulation.