Pot heaven wonderland!The mysterious Oriental art wowed foreign athletes

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In order to prevent and control the epidemic, all people involved in the Olympics will receive life training in a closed loop during the Winter Olympics.Therefore, setting up the Chinese traditional culture exhibition area in the Winter Olympic Village is an important window to show Chinese culture and tell Chinese stories well.Athletes and officials from various countries can better understand China and feel the charm and value of Chinese traditional culture in the exhibition zone.While the Traditional Chinese Medicine Experience hall received many praises, the Traditional Chinese culture exhibition area also attracted numerous attention.Xu Zeqing, volunteer of Beijing International Studies University: When you enter the gate, you will see a classical building with Chinese characteristics. The 270-degree panoramic electronic display screen is embedded in the red gate bar.The video rolling on the screen tells the story of Traditional Chinese culture: ethnic minorities, Yongle Ceremony, famous paintings of various dynasties, opera and Peking Opera attracted many foreign friends to stop and watch, they discuss with each other, reflect on thinking, lamentable the broad and profound Chinese culture.”The body is composed of a circle and a center. The image is derived from the ancient Chinese concentric jade round. There are five rings in total, with five concentric rings and concentric circle.The elegant ‘Chinese-style’ details make the MEDALS more three-dimensional, among which 24 points and motion arcs are engraved on the rings on the back of the MEDALS, which means the ancient Astronomical map of China.””When I was young, I loved watching the stars in the sky. Now the stars are printed on the back of the MEDALS. It’s really amazing!”I was looking carefully at my gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. A member of the delegation came up to me and told me proudly, “I have the original gold medal, which we won in the 2008 Olympic men’s 4 x 100 meters relay.If you are interested in this medal, come and see us, I have a real gold medal!”I smiled and said no problem, there is an opportunity I must see your big gold medal!Inside the exhibition area, there is also a pocket view of the Great Wall, which has become a popular spot for foreign delegations to punch in their photos.The guide told me that the foreign friends wanted to climb the Great Wall after the competition.”They asked me how far the Great Wall was from the Winter Olympic village, how many places there were, the history of the Great Wall and other questions, and said that when the epidemic passed, we must come back to China and go to the Great Wall!”Several precious cultural relics were placed in the display case beside the Great Wall landscape. A foreign athlete walked by and said pleasantly, “I like this jade carving very much, because my country produces jade.”He also showed me his jade with his mobile phone.At the same time, he was curious about the two painted curling stones nearby.I said, this is actually China’s intangible cultural heritage – the painted snuff bottle in Beijing, the interior of the exquisite landscape decoration is painted by artists.”That’s amazing!” he exclaims.After walking around the jade carving and snuff curling in Beijing, I found that the Exhibition area of Chinese traditional culture is not only the export of Chinese culture, but also the collision of Chinese and foreign cultures. The rich and colorful cultures of the world converge here.