“Have time for tea”!Chaozhou authentic good tea, strong alcohol fresh, throat back sweet

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Teochew people can’t live without tea. This episode of Search Into Teochew will take you to the Tea plantation of Purple Lotus Mountain, 03:21 Purple Lotus Mountain is located in the northeast of Teochew, southeast of the Phoenix Mountain Range.To grow good tea, in addition to the unique growth environment, but also rigorous and scientific tea garden management.Tea plantation owner Wu Donglian said, here was just a wasteland, her husband is a villager here, want to start a business outside to return to the hometown, he also has a little interest, back to rent a piece of land to grow tea.From scratch, Zilianshan tea garden focuses on industrial poverty alleviation, excavates and develops tea hills, and drives villagers to become rich.As they grow longer, they grow bigger.Purple Lotus Mountain has two kinds of tea with special flavor.One is “mo LAN xiang”, drink sweet, will be back to the sweet, the public acceptance is higher.Another is “silver flower fragrance”, it also has another name is “duck excrement fragrance”, belongs to the high fragrance, drink up is full of aroma, recognition is very high.In recent years, many people come to visit and play, purple Lotus Mountain along with the occasion to add accommodation and tea art museum and other projects, so that the citizens who come to play have a better travel experience.Tea making is a necessary skill for every tea farmer.The six steps of drying, drying, shaking, frying, kneading and baking can be experienced in the grand View garden of tea culture.There are still six main processes in the production of single clang tea. The processes of “drying” and “drying” are the same as before, but mechanical equipment is added in the later steps.The dried tea leaves should be “shaken green” first, so that the tea leaves will collide in the drum through centrifugal force, resulting in damaged leaf edges, which is more conducive to fermentation.The next step in shaking the tea is “deqing”, which removes the astringency of the tea through baking.Now with mechanical instead of artificial, the temperature and time of frying is better to grasp, not easy to fry coke.Compared with manual tea stir-frying, the tea in Purple Lotus Mountain is mainly standardized in production. It is not only sanitary, safe and stable, but also can greatly increase the output of tea, which can ensure the quality of tea and achieve the purpose of helping farmers increase their income.If you want to taste the authentic single cluster tea in Chaozhou, Purple Lotus Mountain is also a good choice.